Self Love

Your body is precious. The Self Massa is designed to give you the ability to give yourself a full body massage experience. We need to repair and aid the wear and tear our bodies suffer as we go about our lives. Do what feels right for YOU.

Self Massa

The unique design of The Self Massa enables you to massage any part of your body. By applying pressure to your body by using the 52 pyramid blocks (node) you will be able to find your knots/tension points/myofascIal trigger points (many names for the same thing!) Once you recognise your own tension points, you will be able to apply pressure to them at your own intensity in order to gain the most benefit.

Previous users of The Self Massa have enjoyed massaging aches and pains in their glutes and hamstrings following workouts and also those that work at the office have said it is the perfect tool to release any excess tension in their shoulders and neck. An excellent way to use The Self Massa for the elderly is by using it as hand acupressure tool as we have seen this promotes mindfulness. Ultimately the possibilities are endless, as The Self Massa gives power back to you. Do what feels right for YOU.

A message from us:

We wanted to create something which yoga and massage therapy could not provide.

By speaking to people who suffered with aches and pains coming back from various types of jobs, we were inspired to create something which could provide a long lasting solution to everyone!

Using the Self Massa is like riding a bicycle - at first you wonder how it works and then once you know, it becomes so obvious and enjoyable! We hope you love and benefit from The Self Massa as much as we have.

The Self Massa gives power back to you!